Welcome to Artemis Rising Studios

I am glad you are here! Welcome & thank you for supporting me and my passion for creativity! Enjoy and if you like what you see, please share with others!

I have many hats that I wear in my life from helping birth babies as a doula, teaching childbirth education classes, sharing and teaching about natural health solutions using essential oils, to creating art. I fell in love with creating from a young age and have never stopped. Whether it is birthday parties for my 4 kids or treats for their school classes when they were little. I was always creating something. I started creating fluid art just as a creative outlet at the kitchen table and soon it spread to the floor in the dining room, then to the counters. I needed more space and my family needed to have a place to eat! So, I rented a small studio space and Artemis Rising Studios was born! I wanted to create a space where I could put some of the stresses of life away for just a little while. I wanted a space to reset my heart and my brain by switching it into creative mode. I plugged in my diffuser with my essential oils and started creating. It worked, so I started holding small workshops in my studio. I also created a few pieces of art that spoke to a few hearts and just like that I had commissions lined up and a business. I hope you find a little joy in these pieces.

  • Artist Statement

    As a self-taught artist, I am acutely aware of the potential exclusivity that can be associated with the art world. I do not believe in limiting potential because there is a lack of traditional or formal art education.

    Art is a shared language that has the power to unite people from all walks of life. By embracing accessibility, I aim to foster an environment where individuals, regardless of their background, feel a connection to my creations.

    I also recognize the value and allure of creating art with a sense of luxury. Luxury art, for me, is the pursuit of the extraordinary and the exceptional. It involves pushing artistic boundaries, experimenting with unconventional ideas, and creating pieces that invite the viewers to engage with my work as a unique experience. An experience with a sense of timelessness. Luxury art invites individuals into a world where they can indulge in the beauty, complexity, and emotional resonance of my creations.

    While my commitment to accessibility still remains, the creation of luxury art allows me to explore the duality of my artistic identity. Through this exploration, I aspire to contribute to the art world, offering a nuanced perspective that celebrates the diversity of artistic expression.

  • Description of my art

    I use a few mediums from acrylic to alcohol ink. Most of my work is abstract, fluid, organic & ethereal, luxurious, but I also love creating artwork with clean, crisp lines. I love using metallic paint or leaf to add dimension and shine to enhance the artwork. I have artwork that ranges from beachy to art deco to luxury. I would say that my artwork is more minimalist with keeping quite a bit of white space but not specifically using only black and white. You will see bright and airy pieces along with dark and moody elegant pieces.I also work with collectors to design and install abstract wall murals in their homes or businesses.